Positive Gestures


The paintings within the Positive Gestures series focus on the positive shape of the canvas, observed as the by-product of a movement. These shaped-canvases serve as a direct translation of the mark-making process and are based on the standard solid circle brush - this could be a brush nib on a digital platform such as Adobe Illustrator & iPhone Notes or a fat cap on your favorite can of spray paint. 

When embedded into Page’s traditional oil paintings, these shaped-canvases mimic a particular subject matter or moment within a composition. When arranged on their own, they interact within their environment in a unique and original way - Page’s playful approach to creating a complementary work of art.

"When it comes to the Positive Gestures I like to think about them as characters that make multiple appearances in various styles."

Each shaped-canvas is designed & fabricated by hand in mostly-sunny Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Numbered in order of production.